Will Liability Insurance Cover School Vehicles

If your private school, like Pinewood School, owns vehicles that are used to transport students or equipment, you will have to buy vehicle insurance for the entire fleet. These policies are considered separate from the liability protection you buy for the physical grounds and building.

Again, if your state requires insurance coverage for school buses, you will need insurance protection. You may want to add comprehensive coverage to your school vehicles so you protect your investments in the event of an accident that injures someone in another vehicle.

What Forms of Insurance are Available?

Look at your school, the grounds, equipment, staff, student body and vehicles. Youll need to have sufficient coverage for every category. This coverage should include:

  • Equipment failure coverage
  • Floating property insurance
  • Corporal punishment liability coverage
  • Sports liability
  • Educators professional liability
  • Sexual abuse/molestation coverage

You never know what may happen on school grounds, so its wise to cover everyone who sets foot on campus. Private school administrators who wish to attract high-quality teachers and students, as well as provide a high level of education, will make sure they have excellent insurance coverage.