Equipment Failure Insurance

If your computer was fried by a power surge, a short circuit damaged your printer, or your cameras are broken, equipment failure insurance may cover the cost of repairs or replacement. Many equipment failure policies cover all costs that are associated with the parts and labor of repair, the income loss that occurs when the equipment is broken and even the cost to replace any equipment or inventory that is lost due to the failure.

Business Income Insurance

If your business is forced to shut down due to a covered incident, business income insurance helps to replace the lost income. It also helps to cover the cost of the lease or mortgage, advertising costs, payroll and taxes that are owed. If the incident forces you to relocate the business, this insurance policy will cover the cost of relocation and advertising for the new location.

Specialized Business Insurance

Your insurance agent can assist in building you an insurance policy that is specialized to fit your business needs. The agent assists to work with the deductibles and coverage amounts to find a premium that works with your budget. You do not need to maximize each type of coverage to ensure complete protection, instead, allow the agent to form a specialized plan fit just for your business.

The business of professional photography can be risky, but you can protect your financial investments from many of the disasters that can strike. Talk with an insurance agent from a place like Simmons Insurance Group to learn how insurance can play a role in making your photography business a success.